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Keep asking yourself this question again and again – “Who am I?” This itself paves the way for going deeper into meditation. Just keep aside whatever you think of yourself or what you feel you are.

By sharing your misery, it doesn't reduce. By not sharing your joy, it reduces. Share your problems only with the Divine, not with Tom, Dick, or Harry that just increases the problem. Share your joy with everybody. 

You are here to be useful and be of help to others around you, and for yourself as well. When a few people get comfort and relief because of you, then the happiness and contentment that you get cannot be expressed in words at all.

When maturity blossoms in you, an expansion begins to dawn within you; that is when you stop getting stuck and entangled in small petty things in life.

Faith is not that which can come to an end, this is the first thing. Every time your faith shakes, your devotion will be renewed from within once again. 

<![CDATA[Art of living APEX]]>Thu, 22 Jan 2015 10:52:54 GMThttp://moreabouttheartofliving.weebly.com/what-is-art-of-living-all-about/art-of-living-apexPeople don’t have problems going to a university and studying from a professor, but they are apprehensive about learning from a spiritual teacher. Something as abstract as consciousness cannot be learned from a book, you need a teacher to guide you through the maze of your own mind.” 

APEX – (ACHIEVING PERSONAL EXCELLENCE) Program transforms individuals into leaders based on the simple principle – an individual able to manage oneself is truly capable of leading exemplary life and inspiring others on a sustainable basis. 

Inability to focus, negative emotions, lack of self-confidence, deep-rooted insecurity, unexplained anxieties, and lack of self-esteem are all factors that prevent one from living life to one’s fullest potential. Stress builds up and it aggravates the downward cycle. 

Very often skills learnt in organizations work on efficiency but do not address the root –the individual. 

APEX program modules are structured to bring deeper levels of understanding and experiences that harmonize all the seven levels of an individual’s existence – body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and the Self. In harmony is calmness, in calmness is dynamic action. APEX creates benefits that are sustainable by offering practical tools that begin the process of transformation at the deepest levels. The program is experiential. 

It touches the inner core by using the Sudarshan Kriya - a powerful breathing technique that impacts the body, the mind and the spirit. This creates an inspired individual ready to explore, open to change and willing to take responsibility through ownership.jgd123$

<![CDATA[How to Make Correct Decisions - talk by Sri Sri]]>Fri, 14 Nov 2014 09:08:01 GMThttp://moreabouttheartofliving.weebly.com/what-is-art-of-living-all-about/how-to-make-correct-decisions-talk-by-sri-sriHis Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has inspired a global phenomenon of compassion and service. A spiritual leader and humanitarian, his programs have impacted more than 25 million people worldwide. He is the founder of the Art of Living Foundation, a multi-faceted organization that offers a wide array of educational and humanitarian programs that uplift individuals, make a difference in local communities, and foster global change.

Q: How do I know if I am making the correct decision?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: When you make a decision, somewhere you get the gut feeling that says, ‘Yes, this is correct.' 
Even if you take a wrong decision, it always leads you to growth. You become stronger; you learn a lesson somewhere deep inside. 

Q: Please speak about compassion.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: In life there are three things, which are essential: 
1. Passion 
2. Dispassion  
3. Compassion 
Passion is like breathing in, and Dispassion is like breathing out. No one can say, ‘I want to only breathe in, I don’t want to breathe out.' Impossible! So breathing in is essential, and that is Passion for things in life. Then, there is also a need for Dispassion. Dispassion means the ability to just let go of everything. Dispassion brings you relief and then Compassion becomes your nature. So you must have Passion when you do work, Dispassion when you want to rest, and Compassion as your very nature. That is it!

Q: Please talk about Reciprocity.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Reciprocity is very natural. 
At a higher state of mind, reciprocity is instantaneous. Only when someone is not sensitive there is no reciprocity. 
Often people reciprocate the bad things. If you blame somebody, they are ready to blame you immediately. If you insult somebody, they insult you immediately, but it is not the same for the good. 
If you do something good, not everybody think they should reciprocate the goodness. That happens only when the mind is at a higher state.

Q: I am going through a separation. My wife and I have chosen different paths and live different lives. We both want our child to be with each of us. In this situation, what is the wisest thing to do?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The child should be exposed to both paths and allowed to choose. 
If there is no understanding between the couple, it is definitely a strain on the child. 
What both parents should keep in mind is that they should not go on blaming each other in front of the child. Putting the child against one of the parents is no good. That is a very narrow minded approach.

Q: Gurudev, sometimes what make me happy conflicts with the expectations of my family and friends? In that case what do I do?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes, you need to balance both. Balance between your search for happiness and the expectation of others from you. It is a little delicate but you should definitely make an effort.

Q: What is the need for meditation and relaxation?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: When you relax, the mind expands. 
Have you noticed when you are happy what happens? Something inside you starts expanding. 
And when you are unhappy what happens? Something inside you starts shrinking. 
So when you relax the body, then the mind starts blossoming.

Q: Please tell us what is death?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: There is no need to define death. It is an obvious phenomenon. We are born and we are going to die one day. 
When we came to this world, the first thing we did was we took a deep breath in, and then we started crying. And the last thing we will do in this life is breathe out, and then others will cry. 
If we don’t make others cry, then we have not lived a good life.
When the soul leaves the body with full contentment, with a lot of love and wisdom, then it is not compelled to come back. It can come back on its own will.
Q: Please let us know what is the biggest limitation for human beings?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Body has limitation, mind has limitation, but the spirit has no limitation
When you think you are the body then you have limitation. Then you can do only that much. 
When you think you are the mind, mind also has some limitation. But your love has no limitation. Your consciousness has no limitation. 
See, how with one small cell phone, you can reach the whole world. You can reach any number of phone numbers with one call phone, isn’t it? 
Similarly our mind, which invented the cell phone is much more powerful than the cell phone itself. You only need to make it available.

Q: What should I do if the stress factor is coming from outside. If it is something I do not control or it is beyond me. How do I transmit peace?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: That is why we need to educate people on how to handle their stress. If one person is not well in the family, does it not affect the whole family? Yes, it does affect. Similarly, if a few are mentally unwell in the society, crime increases in society.
There are people who are in prisons who say, 'Oh, now we don't want to be in violence', but there are so many more outside who are causing problems to society and that is why we need to give this spiritual education to people.
We need to educate people on how to be calm, how to handle their negative emotions and how to handle their mind, because neither at home, nor at school did anyone teach us how to handle our mind. So then there is anger, jealousy and hatred, and when you live with these emotions then you act on them. You don't know how to get rid of it. You hold on to it and then you act from that and then you regret. This is the problem. 
These practices and this knowledge here is the solution.
<![CDATA[From Black holes to Black Boards]]>Fri, 07 Nov 2014 12:49:03 GMThttp://moreabouttheartofliving.weebly.com/what-is-art-of-living-all-about/from-black-holes-to-black-boardsPictureThe School in Bihar by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Motivation
Transforming Villages Through Education by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Few years ago children in Mohong, Assam could not dream of school and Tinsukhi's District Collector was hesitant to allow visitors in the village. Those who visited, never returned.
Today, the Art of Living runs a free school in Mohong. The school has brought hope to 410 students in the town. This school was set-up with the support of a former ULFA militant, who after meeting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar decided to bring peace through education.

200 Deprived Children Get Opportunity to Learn

Alipurduar, tribal area in West Bengal, known for the poor working conditions of laborers in Tea Gardens.  40 year old Ramkumar Lama has started a free informal learning center there.
Approximately 200 children up to the age of 14 spend every Sunday at the three centers. They learn computers, music, dance, English, yoga, Sudarshan Kriya and play team sports like football. Awareness is also created on health and hygiene. After practicing at the learning center, 15 children participated in a State Level Cultural debate on the 26, January 2014.
Ramkumar, along with other Art of Living Youth Leaders have created better learning opportunities that will go a long way in shaping them as happy and capable adults.

Addressing Anxiety, Anger & Fear In Juvenile Delinquents

After the Art of Living Workshop, an American Study showed a significant decrease in anxiety, that in turn led to the decrease in anger and fear and reactive behaviours, in juvenile offenders convicted for violent cimes with deadly weapons, murder, rape and armed robbery.
The Art of Living has conducted workshops for more than 15,000 delinquents in India and Abroad.

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Navratri - Navratri, literally interpreted as 'nine nights' is the most celebrated Hindu festival devoted to Goddess Durga symbolizing purity and power or 'shakti'. Navratri festival combines ritualistic puja and fasting and is accompanied by resplendent celebrations for nine consecutive days and nights. Navratri in India follows the lunar calendar and is celebrated in March/April as Chaitra Navratri and in September/October as Sharad Navratri.

During Navratri, people from villages and cities gather to perform 'puja' on small shrines representing different aspects of Goddess Durga, including Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati. Chanting of mantras and renditions of bhajans and folk songs usually accompany the puja rituals for nine consecutive days of Navratri.

The 9 nights festival of Navratri begins on the first day of Ashwina of the bright fortnight. Seeds are sown, sprouting is watched, the planets are consecrated, and on the 8th and 9th days, Goddess Durga, Vijayashtami and Mahanavami are worshipped. The Devi Mahatmya and other texts invoking the Goddess who vanquished demons are cited.

Navratri Celebrations :
Defining both the religious and cultural themes, Navratri celebrations are seeped in traditional music and dance. Gujarat is the focus of Navratri celebrations with all night-long dance and festivities. 'Garba' is a devotional dance form that derives from the folklore of Lord Krishna singing and dancing with the gopis using 'dandiya' or slim wooden sticks. 'Raas Garba' has also evolved to include steps like 'Dodhiyu', 'Trikoniya', 'Lehree' and several others. What's more, with time, Navratri festival has seen changes in celebrations with well-choreographed dance performances, high-end acoustics and people dressed in made-to-order, bright costumes. Tourists flock to Vadodara in Gujarat to enjoy a mix of high-energy band music performances, singing and dancing.

Navratri 2014 in India witnesses myriad forms of devotion across the country while retaining the common underlying theme of good over evil. In Jammu, the Vaishno Devi shrine sees a huge rise in the number of devotees making their way to the pilgrimage during Navratri. In Himachal Pradesh, the Navratri Mela marks the auspicious occasion of Navratri. In West Bengal, men and women celebrate 'Durga Puja' with great devotion and reverence and worship Goddess Durga destroying the demon 'Mahishasura'. 'Ramlila', wherein people enact scenes from Ramayana is performed in big grounds. 'Dussehra' which coincides with the tenth day of Ashwin (Sharad) Navratri sees nation-wide celebration.

In South India, during Navratri, people arrange idols in a step pattern and invoke the name of God. In Mysore, the nine-day Navratri festival coincides with 'Dasara' Festival involving folk music renditions and dance performances, wrestling tournaments and tableau participation. The procession of tableaux along with embellished elephants, camels and horses starting from the brightly-lit Mysore Palace is a famous one. 'Vijayadashami' is also an auspicious day in South India for performing puja for one's vehicle.

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Inside you are a vast ocean, infinite sky; what you can show outside is only a tiny bit of it. Outside you are finite, just a small limited form! All that you are, the love, the beauty, the compassion, the Divinity, doesn’t show up fully. What shows up is the crust of behaviors. Ask yourself, “Are you really your behaviors? Are you just your behavioral patterns”? No.. Don’t mistake this crust for your inside.

Neither take the limited body/mind complex as your inside nor show your Infinite Lordship outside, for Divinity is not easily understood. Let there be some mystery.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

<![CDATA[What are the qualities of Life ??]]>Wed, 19 Feb 2014 06:58:57 GMThttp://moreabouttheartofliving.weebly.com/what-is-art-of-living-all-about/what-are-the-qualities-of-lifeLife has six distinct qualities. While we may be able to experience some aspect of these qualities through our senses, the qualities themselves are beyond the senses. As such, their pure essence can be experienced in a state of meditation, or non-sense.

 The first quality of life is that there is unpredictable movement. A mission will go only the predicted definite way, but life can go in any unpredicted manner. We are often reminded of this aspect of life while listening to the weather report. How many times have you heard the weatherman promise a weekend of sunshine, only to experience non-stop rain showers for 48 hours? Or, conversely, heard the weatherman speak only of rainstorms, and see nothing but sunshine? This is the first quality of life – its unpredictability. We can plan, forecast, estimate, assume, desire, hope, and pray. But in the end, life has its own plans, and will unfold accordingly.

 The second quality of life is recognition, and knowledge. Where there is life, it experiences, recognizes, and cognizes. A new mother gets to see this reality progress in her newborn child. With each passing day, a child exhibits more awareness, recognition, and knowledge. Eventually, the child will exhibit self-awareness. Such a quality is sacred.

 Awareness is the third quality of life. The third aspect of life is that it expresses. Life not only receives knowledge, but gives a response too. And this is true for all dimensions of life, including trees. Have you ever seen a tree twist and bend, and defy the laws of gravity in order to get a better angle from which to receive sunlight? Or, have you ever spoken to your houseplants and flowers, and seen the response? Many studies have shown that plants respond to such communication by growing larger and healthier. These plants are responding, and upholding the third quality of life.

The fourth aspect of life is that it feels. A computer does not feel, but someone who is working on the computer feels. Similarly, all throughout the animal kingdom, we see feeling. We see lizards relax on a rock, and bask in the sunshine. We see various birds alternate between the land and the sea, depending on the climate. We also see parents feed and protect their young. These are just a few of the feelings that are present in life.

 The fifth aspect of life is peacefulness and harmony. There may be turbulent times, but, eventually, peace will prevail. For example, a drop of water may fall to Earth in a rainstorm, and find itself rushing down a river. That river may end in the Niagara Falls, with water crashing about, flying here and there. But the calm seas. Much as water seeks its own level, life seeks out peacefulness and harmony.

 The sixth aspect of the spirit is beauty and rhythm. Life enjoys rhythms and appreciates beauty. 
This sixth principle is dynamism. People have been on this planet for several million years, but not the same people. There have always been people, but the dynamism of life has brought about consistent change. A stone may have been around for many millions of years, but it has not changed much. In contrast, people are not the same people but something in the people is the same. This ability to know, understand, and recognize has remained throughout the history of life, and as such, is a characteristic of life. We celebrate these qualities of life with our humanness. And what is humanness? It is compassion, caring, love, and joy. It is alertness, being in the moment, and being aware of your existence in connection with the whole human body, and being able to laugh. Humanness is a laugh from within your heart, not just an air hostesses laugh. When you get off the plane and the air hostesses greet you, “Have a nice day,” they really don’t mean it. It is just coming out of their lips; it’s not coming from deep within. But when the same words come to you from your mother, or someone close to you, you can see there is some feeling that comes along with that word. There is some truth behind it. Sometimes out of courtesy we say “sorry” and “thank you” – but there is not that feeling. We say “thank you”, but do you really feel thankfulness bursting out of you? Do you really feel grateful for all that life has given you, or for what you are? These things enrich your life.
~~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Check out the opportunity to interact with Sri Sri.

Ask and you shall receive, by asking questions to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar about life, universe, politics and everything on the occasion of Twitter town hall with Sri Sri .
Ask the question by tweeting your question on Twitter with hashtag #AskSriSri on 23rd Feb 2014.
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The Basic Formula

There is a very simple formula about LDRs that makes them effective and successful. However, even though it is extremely basic and easy to understand, it is also very easy to over complicate and make extremely difficult to apply within your relationship. That may be a little confusing to you now, but everything will be cleared up once you seen the formula. Let’s break down the math behind this formula.

We can identify the two people as Person X and Person Y in this formula. Therefore, the formula can be simply expressed as:

Person X + Person Y = Successful LD Relationship

What does this exactly mean? The only two factors of the equation that are significant at all are the two people that are involved in that relationship. Notice that there are no other variables that are part of this formula besides just the two. Why is this so important to remember?
The Adverse Reaction of Other People

If you thought that the opinions of other people were negative factors in normal relationships, then you have to intensify that effectiveness by at least 10 in order to measure just how negative those opinions can be within a LDR. As soon as you make it known publicly that you are engaged in one, it seems as if you will automatically become bombarded with people that are eager to share their opinions with you and express just how they feel about your decision.

At least 80% of the time, even your closest friends and relatives may be quick to tell you that they are completely against it even if the person that you are involved with is the perfect match for you. Common sayings that are heard a lot by those that may be included within your circle of friends include, but are not limited to, “You know those never work, right?”, “Are you sure that you want to do that?” and the blatant response of “That’s just a really bad idea.”

This is why it is always important that you keep the basic formula of the LDR at the forefront of your mind instead of in the back, because you are going to need to refer back to it frequently throughout the course of your relationship. The only two people that matter when it comes to your relationship are you and your significant other. That is it!

    There are no other friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors or even nosey busybodies that want to delve into your personal life within that relationship.  Therefore, it is imperative that you do not bring them into it.

How Do YOU Feel?

Everyone is going to have opinions about the person that you choose to intimately get close to and have a relationship with over time. It truly does not matter how far or close they may be to you in distance, but it seems to get a little more intense and frustrating to have to hear all of those secondary opinions and statements when you are involved with someone that is miles and miles away from you.

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The most important thing that you need to focus on is not how they feel about your relationship, but rather how you feel. Once you have come to grips with your own feelings and your significant other has also had the chance to come to grips with their owns, then you two will be on the right path towards building a foundation for a successful, long-term relationship – regardless of the distance that will separate you at first.

Millions of people have been able to successfully maintain them for several months and even years, especially throughout the 20th and 21st centuries so far. Even though it may have seemed rare to find any long-term, long distance relationships in the past, these seem to be popping up quite frequently over the past several decades on a global scale. What are some of the latest trends that have been noticed throughout the world?

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Q: Sometimes I wonder, I have so many unending desires and you keep on fulfilling them. This makes me smile. How to get rid of hankering over desires Gurudev?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: You know your desires are getting fulfilled, that is enough. Be busy in fulfilling the desires of others, not your own desires.

See, what is the significance of the Guru Discipline Tradition? It is for the Disciple to realize that desires are endless. ‘Like the waves of the ocean desires keep coming one after the other. That is why I must keep my desires aside and do as per the Guru desires. ’ 
When you do this then the mind becomes hollow and empty and you start feeling a sense of lightness. Life then moves beyond joy and sorrow, and all craving and aversion automatically disappear. 
This is the only way to remove cravings and aversions. 

That is why it is said, ‘Na Guror Adhikam, Na Guror Adhikam, Na Guror Adhikam’ (There is nothing greater than Guru, there is nothing greater than Guru, there is nothing greater than Guru because Guru is the embodiment of all that is greatest.) 

So leave everything on the Guru, and surrender to the Guru. 
Fulfillment cannot be achieved through desires because if one desire is fulfilled another one comes, and if that is fulfilled another one comes. And then the mind keeps wandering between desires. Some desire or another will keep troubling your mind day and night. 
Do you know, if there is anything in this world that troubles you, the topmost on the list is your own mind! 
I am saying topmost because you do not see this. You feel that someone else is bothering you. You think your mother in law is troubling you, or your daughter-in-law is troubling you, or your wife or husband is troubling you. Keep all that as second on the list. 
It is your own mind which is troubling you; there is no other enemy out there. Once you realize this you will understand that it is not the other, all the botherations are of the mind. 

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<![CDATA[The Art of Living Baroda to celebrate Sri Sri's birthday]]>Tue, 14 May 2013 12:01:16 GMThttp://moreabouttheartofliving.weebly.com/what-is-art-of-living-all-about/the-art-of-living-baroda-to-celebrate-sri-sris-birthdayPicture
The Art of Living Baroda has organised a series of events to mark the birth anniversary of The Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The celebrations will commence on Sunday morning at conclude on Monday evening.

On Sunday, a group Sudarshankriya has been organised at 6.15a.m. for the practitioners of Art of Living at Shagun Banquet Hall, Warasia. This will be followed by a walkathon and a free medical check up camp.

The walkathon will spread awareness amongst citizens on importance of walking, medication, health education, diet, exercise and stress free life in conditions of diabetes, hypertension and cardiac diseases. Hundreds of enthusiastic citizens are expected to participate in the event.

The walkathon will It will be approximately 2.5km long and will be flagged off by great grand nephew of Maharaja Sayajirao III Jeetendrasinh Gaekwad, chairperson of Sheth Khansaheb Faramjee Foundation and lawyer Jeruben Contractor and educationist Nikitan Contractor.

The celebrations shall conclude on Monday evening with a Grand Satsang at Nutan Bharat Club in Alkapuri. The program will be a unique combination of melodious satsang (singing in communion), sharing of spiritual knowledge, message from Sri Sri and celebration. Around 1,000 devotees will participate in this program.

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